If you are interested in purchasing a Fern Pro licence, Please go to the purchase page for more details.

Will the open source version of Fern continue to be supported?

Yes!, the open source version of Fern will continue to be supported and maintained on a regular basis.

I found a bug, how can i report it?

If you found a bug, you can report it from the Help menu in Fern Pro or send the bug description to .

How much does Fern Pro cost?

Please view the purchase page for details and benefits for each licence option.

How do i get a refund?

If you have made a purchase and choose to cancel your purchase and terminate your licence, you may do so under certain conditions, Please see the refund policy for more information.

I lost my licence, how can i get it back?

if you lost your licence and wish to have it mailed to you again, please click the following link: lost my licence

My licence usage is exhausted, How can i reset my licence?

To reset your licence, please click reset licence and follow the instructions

The program cant fit into my screen, What should i do?

Due to the size of Fern Pro's interface, its recommended that you run the program on a computer with a screen resolution of at least 800 x 600, Please see the download page for more information.